Jellyfish – Year 1 / Year 2

Welcome to Jellyfish class!

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Jellyfish Spring-2017-class-letter

Jelllyfish Summer term parents letter
Jellyfish Summer term topic web London’s Burning

Jellyfish class consists of Year 1 and Year 2 children and is an active and energetic place to be! Opportunities are created (which the children enthusiastically embrace) to sing songs or receive instructions in French.


Whenever possible, we utilise our stunning coastal location to provide a unique learning environment. Wellies on….. we’re off to the beach!

We encourage the children to do their best and be proud of their work and behaviour.  A certificate is presented and stickers are awarded towards the child’s “Going for Gold” target. “Golden Time” – which has been earned during the week by the whole class, can be spent outside on the trim trail or the children may choose an activity.

Recognising and rewarding the children’s hard work and good behaviour significantly contributes to each child achieving their full potential. We are committed to providing this in a nurturing and fun environment.