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Beach Clean

Last week, Navigators Class took their learning to the beach when, as part of their topic on Global Warming, they saw for themselves the effect of water pollution. Armed with gloves and bags, kindly donated by the charity Surfers Against Sewerage, the team set to work looking to clean the beach and study ocean pollution. Fantastically, not a lot of man-made rubbish was found! However, the children did manage to fill a whole jar of nurdles.

Nurdles are tiny pellets of plastic which serves as raw material in the manufacture of plastic products. We should not see them on our beaches, but unfortunately they spill during transit and are very harmful to our wildlife. They are toxic and look much like fish eggs, so are often ingested by all manner of animals. Luckily their bright colours made them easy for us to spot. We learnt that although our ocean are not throwing up much waste, these nurdles are affecting the beaches. Many thanks to a wonderful army who turned up to help us.

Charmouth Primary School

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