Barnacles Club

icon_barnacleWelcome to Barnacles!
We are very proud to offer the unique opportunity for children to attend Barnacles in the term before they join our Starfish (Reception) class. Barnacles is held every Monday afternoon in the summer term from 1.10pm until 3.10pm. During this time the children learn about and become familiar with the school environment ensuring a smooth transition from their early year’s settings to primary school.

At Barnacles, the children have continual access to a wide variety of resources, outdoor play and creative exploration. By following the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, the children learn about themselves, each other and the world around them through play, active learning, discussion and critical thinking. These are encouraged in a safe, positive, fun and stimulating environment.

We are keen to promote the importance of working alongside each child’s parents or carers, as we believe that by working together this will enable each child to reach their full potential. We use the seasons as a backdrop for our planning, to provide a framework for both the planned and spontaneous activities and experiences we offer. The children’s natural learning patterns slowly become apparent and lead us in preparing sensory activities. This ensures that each child has a relevant and enriched experience with us and ultimately learns to love learning!