Seahorses – Year 2

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Seahorses Class Autumn Newsletter 2017

Seahorses consist of Year 2 children.  Jump, stretch, bend! It helps if you are an energetic learner in Seahorses as active sessions abound: aerobic style multiplication table activities; moving through letter shapes to develop handwriting skills; waving feather dusters pointing out phonemes on the interactive whiteboard.

Year 3 children in Seahorses remain in Phase 1 aiding transition through the early part of Key Stage 2. The children take some ownership of their learning, contributing ideas to develop initial teacher input. With growing focus and concentration, they absorb knowledge and understanding developing skills in a challenging and stimulating way.

The Seahorses Class is very fortunate in having parent help to support learning. Cooking dishes linked to our learning would not be possible without this fantastic assistance.

Advantage is taken of our wonderful environment. The children go into the community with class-devised questionnaires to investigate the past, the present and the future (and to aid data collection and mapping skills!) and down to the beach exploring rocks or conceptual art (Andy Goldsworthy features). Although activities are becoming more structured, the week is very flexible reflecting the needs of the children and opportunities on offer. The curriculum is adapted and differentiated to meet the current abilities of children with provision and support for each valued member of the class.