All our newsletters and permission letters for various trips will be published here so that they are always available for you to refer to or download.

Now that you have access to the school website you no longer need to worry that your child has lost their letters or home learning papers. Or even that the ‘book bag monster’ has eaten them! Check the website regularly and you will see what is happening and be able to access relevant documents for your child.

Please help us by returning permission slips promptly as chasing late replies places an unfair extra workload on our admin team; they already work incredibly hard keeping our school running smoothly.

Newsletters are available to download below.

Summer Term

4 Summer Term 15.5.18

3 Summer Term 8.5.18

2 Summer Term 1.5.18

1 Summer Term 24.4.18

Spring Term

11 Spring Term 28.3.18

10 Spring Term 20.3.18

9 Spring Term 13.3.18_

8 Spring Term 6.3.18

7 Spring Term 27.2.18

6 Spring Term 20.2.18

5 Spring Term 6.2.18

4 Spring Term 30.1.18

3 Spring Term 23.1.18

2 Spring Term 16 1 18

1 Spring Term 9.1.18

Autumn Term

4. 7th December 2017

3. 7th November 2017

2. 10th October 2017

1. 6th September 2017

1. Charmouth Primary School Behaviour Flow Chart Playground

1.Charmouth Primary School Behaviour Flow Chart Classroom